What is Dexiin?

When business owners with one employee (it’s usually just them) say “we” in the their emails, they mean Dexiin. To best explain it, Dexiin is an online business service provider. We originally started in graphic design and quickly grew to provide services like web design, brand identity design, and many other online services.

Soon, our typical consultation with web design clients turned into online business structuring and development. We noticed clients needed a team of experienced people who could help them through the entire process of being an online business owner and we knew this is where we would shine.

Dexiin is rapidly expanding and recently developed Axiist (pronounced “assist”), a web platform that gives business owners full control over their web resources while we can still easily step in and help when needed.

Dexiin continues to grow as a go to for many small business owners across the country. Thanks to our great customers, Dexiin is rapidly growing and able to provide many more resources to make running an online business more realistic for our current and potential customers and clients.


Dexiin strongly believes in transparency and power. We don’t talk over our clients heads, have mysterious fees, or gather unnecessary information. Our goal is to help people who want to start an online business do so while maintaining full control of their business. We not only provide the services you need, but we also offer knowledge so business owners feel confident in how their businesses run.

What Makes Dexiin Different?

  • Our Process

    Most studios will take any client and work with whatever goal they want to achieve. We have tried that and found that sometimes, we are not the best option for our clients. We know what areas we work best in, and we don’t claim anything else.

    Our process includes a short questionnaire so we get an initial idea of your goals and whether we can help you achieve them. From there, if we accept your request for client status, we immediately get to work.

  • Our Clients Have Flexibility

    We hear too many horror stories of clients losing websites, domain names, and graphics. We do not want that to happen to anyone, especially not our clients. We give our clients 100% control over their resources through Axiist. This means our clients are the owners of their domain names, hosting servers, and websites. We have made it easy for Dexiin to be the hired designers of choice, however, there is always the option to use other designers (and even be your own designer) on the Axiist platform as well.

  • Our Experts Are Selected Specifically for You

    Our team is made up of many talented designers and business-minded individuals who are great at what they do. We know our team’s strengths and weaknesses and chose clients and team members based on the needs of each project. This means: 1. Designs aren’t limited to one person’s preferences 2. Your designs are thoroughly intentional 3. The person you trust with your design is the best person for your design.

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